Missing teeth will lead you to age due to bone loss. Only Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar can stop the aging progression and re-establish the facial structure.

As soon as the normal teeth are removed or fall out, the face begins to age fast due to jaw bone loss. If you delay too long, the muscles that let you chew your food start to shorten to accommodate the reduced space between your nose and your chin. Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar are well known in their ability to stop bone loss and restore original facial structure.

Dental Implants in Ashok Vihar

5 consequences from loss of teeth without replacement:

  • Drifting of adjacent teeth: when there is a gap in teeth, opposing teeth may over-erupt adjacent teeth drift into the vacant spaces resulting in food trapping and likely lead to tooth decay
  • Trouble in chewing: missing teeth causes issues in chewing food that could possibly result in indigestion
  • Poor appearance and bone loss: loss of youthful and facial structure due to bone resorption
  • Loss of support for lip
  • Poor speech: problem in speaking specifically if front teeth are missing


tooth implant in Ashok Vihar

A Dental Implant is an artificial replacement for the root part of a tooth. They can be mini or full. An implant takes the form of a small metal post which is similar to screw. The implant is inserted and allowed time to fuse with your bone. Once this has happened, a replacement tooth/crown can be fitted to it via a small attachment. After the procedure of dental implants procedure performed at dental clinic in Ashok Vihar your teeth will look natural. You can chew, brush and most importantly, eat like normal. With proper care, Dental Implants will last a lifetime.

How do I know if I am a candidate for Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best option for people of all ages in sound oral health who have lost a tooth by an accident, gum disease or injury. Some chronic diseases, heavy smoking or alcohol abuse may need special consideration.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Renewed ability to chew and speak properly
  • Restoration of facial aesthetics
  • Protection of remaining jaw bone structure
  • Recovery of the natural appearance and proper function of teeth
  • Increased confidence

Why Choose Kakkar Dental Cinic for Your Dental Implant in Ashok Vihar?

  • Quicker treatment and curing time
  • Minimize need for bone grafting
  • Expert in-office consultation
  • Multiple payment options
  • Natural looking results

What if I don’t have enough bone for Dental Implants?

Bone grafting is now possible for either one tooth, numerous implanted teeth, or a full mouth. We can surge width of bone as well as its height, if required.

This procedure involves grafting (adding) bone or bone like materials to the jaw. The graft will be your own bone or be processed bone. After grafting, you have to wait few months for the grafted bone to merge with the existing bone.

After bone grafting, dentist in Ashok Vihar usually wait four to nine months before placing implants.

Is there pain or discomfort?

We understand that surgical procedure can be scary, that’s why dental implant in Ashok Vihar is performed with sedation options to relieve even the most severe nervousness. Most of our patients choose to use either oral, nitrous or sedation to complete their treatment.